Aug. 29th, 2012

mutant registration story lines

After considering my new health insurance card, now upgraded with a photo ID to "prevent fraud" and an RFID chip with the capability to store all sorts of health information in the future as they expand the electronic systems (all totally secure and confidential of course, we are assured), it occurred to me, that in Modern AUs there is no way the government would try to push a mutant id marker directly in the personal government ID or in a separate database.

They would just "improve" the health insurance system to store medically relevant information, include mutations in that, while assuring of course that it was all confidential to health care providers and no way would the government read it or make a central database. But of course with them setting the security standards in the health care laws, they could access and read such information at any time. And since people often just carry their insurance cards with them in their wallets, probably even more so once they'll store emergency information like allergies or special conditions relevant for emergency medicine, like being on blood thinners, and obviously mutations would be put in that category (for safety of patients and medical personnel), all mutants would just carry their RFID chip identification tag on them.

Of course there wouldn't be 100% compliance, because I assume mutants living illegally like Brotherhood members would not sign up for a health insurance, but then they wouldn't voluntarily line up for extra registration either. And most regular mutants would just get their health insurance card like everyone else, even though in advance of implementing such a system some mutant rights activists probably issued dire warnings that X-gene mutations were included as routinely stored health markers, along with genetic diseases or such, but for the majority it probably didn't look like discrimination.

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Sep. 13th, 2011

there has to be fic with this trope...

I'm reading quite a bit of Charles/Erik right now, and a number of those feature some variation of telepathic sex.

And it occurred to me that of course direct brain stimulation of the reward system is one of the most addictive things (like those experiments on the unfortunate rats who press brain stimulation levers until they die because they like that better than eating and drinking), and of course some people think even regular sex can become an addiction. So obviously sex with Charles could be addictive, especially if he couldn't control what he does with his brain fully during sex and somehow instinctively tries to pleasure his partner telepathically.

Also this offers fabulous opportunities for angst if Charles is worried about this. According to the wikipedia page on this these rat experiments were first done in the early 1950s, so assuming Charles would be interested in neuroscience to understand his mutation, he would know about these experiments by the time the movie takes place, and could worry. Actually if anyone wanted to write virgin!Charles, you could argue that it is possible he read about these experiments before he ever became sexually active and developed a worried hang-up over whether or not he'd be safe for his partners.

Surely there has to be angsty fic that explores telepathic sex as highly addictive?

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