May. 12th, 2008

looking for some English help

It's for a little bit of text for a HP fanart I'm doing. You remember how in my previous entry I was looking for a piece of HP fanart I remember seeing, that was drawings of HP magical creatures, but faking to be excerpts from an old book about magical creatures from the HP universe? Anyway, I still haven't found that again, but I've decided to do my own version of this, because I like drawing monsters and think it would be cool, and the underlying concept is general enough that I don't think it would be perceived as copying someone else's idea if I did another version.

I've decided to go not for a medieval bestiary, but a later style of the time when there were fledgling natural sciences and the first real encyclopedias like Diderot's with plates of observed plants and animals, a more 18th century feel. The necessary style is quite a challenge for me, mostly because I really never draw in b/w ink with lots of crosshatching which is pretty much non-optional if I want it to look even remotely reminiscent of copperplate engraving. So I spent much of today trying to get used to crosshatching, but then again, I guess artistic challenges are good even if you fall on your face, it's not like you can improve without trying. So I'm not too worried about that, even though the end result probably will not look authentic, there will be b/w pictures of magical beasts at least.

However there is another problem, and that is the text. I guess I could do just illustration plate pages on their own, but I'd rather have a little bit of text beneath. My idea was to just change the small basic information texts from "Fantastic Beast & Where to Find Them" into a more old fashioned style and remove or change the concepts cropping up that would be anachronistic for the 18th century, e.g. mentions of allergies, but I have really no clue what style and words were common in the 18th century, much less 18th century English.

Thus I wanted to ask whether there would be anyone willing collaborate with me in this, and to edit a couple of these texts to transform them into something that could be from the 18th century. Or write different ones that would work as something from an 18th century work, I'm not picky. Based on the length of the entries in FB I'm thinking that the final page layout would be the illustration plate with the bit of text beneath because the typical text there is under 100 words, but if someone wanted to write longer 18th century style articles on magical beasts, I can also imagine posting this as a true fanart/fanfic collaboration, though I'd probably still only format the first bit of text in the art itself, and then we'd post the whole as actual text along with it or something, because I think longer texts formatted as graphics are not reader friendly.

The drawing I'm currently working on is the Bowtruckle, and I might do more if this one goes well, though I haven't decided which ones, and am open to suggestions.

So, does anyone want to help create excerpts from a 18th century reference work on magical beasts?

Feb. 17th, 2008

fanart (still a WIP), illustration for Beth's In From the Cold (Snape/Shacklebolt)

Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters/Pairings: Severus Snape/Kingsley Shacklebolt
Rating/warnings: PG? (sexual kissing, but no nudity)
Media used: only pencil so far
Notes: I've already illustrated the epilogue of this story a while back, but always wanted to draw this Snape/Shacklebolt scene in the alley. Now, with barely two years delay, I got around to it. The relevant bit from Beth's In From the Cold is:
"Severus loosened his grip on Kingsley's shoulders and slid his hands down Kingsley's arms. He stopped when he reached the ends of Kingsley's sleeves, encircled Kingsley's strong-boned wrists with his fingers, then pulled Kingsley's arms up over his head. Severus transferred his hold of Kingsley's right wrist so that both of Kingsley's hands were pinned against the brick wall by one of his own, then Severus slowly lowered his other hand until it came to rest on the top of Kingsley's head.

Severus ghosted his long, sensitive fingers over Kingsley's scalp, surprised by each tiny bump and dip in what seemed perfectly smooth from a distance. He slid his hand down along the side of Kingsley's head, and he could feel Kingsley lean into his palm while Severus traced along the edge of Kingsley's ear with his thumb, clicking his thumbnail softly against the small silver hoop that hung from the lobe. Severus leaned in and took the earring in his mouth, turning the hoop slowly with his tongue."

If anyone from newsletters or otherwise interested in linking should stumble upon this entry, I'd prefer it if only the finished version, which I'll hopefully post soonish, was advertised more widely, not these unfinished pencils.

Preview: preview of the pencils for a Snape/Shacklebolt alley scene

pencils and a larger detail are behind the cut )

Feb. 5th, 2008

fanart (still a WIP), a freshly hatched Iskierka

Fandom: Temeraire Series by Naomi Novik
Characters/Pairings: Iskierka
Media used: only pencil so far
Rating/warnings: G, none
Notes/comments: I seem to be on a dragon kick lately. But I like Iskierka. I hope she looks enough like a baby while still fitting the description that they look just like smaller versions of the big ones. But making the head long and lean like I normally do for dragons to make them look ferocious didn't work for me for a baby dragon. The hatching pose took a ridiculous amount of time to get right. Maybe I'll do a real process post once it is inked and colored, showing excerpts from all the steps that were like tooth pulling, like the dozen thumbnails and head design sketches, and failed attempts. OTOH that would be kind of embarrassing, now it looks like I sat down and just did a pencil drawing as a process step...
Preview: preview of Iskierka hatching, pencils

the pencils are behind the cut )

Jan. 14th, 2008

art (still a WIP), fairly generic dragon

Subject: some random dragon
Media: only pencil so far
Rating/warnings: G, none
Notes/comments: I deprived my rats of some of their usual hours of outside time and managed to finish the pencils of a dragon without anyone eating my kneaded eraser. I'm planning to ink and color it with traditional media, since my tablet suffers from rat damage-- as long time readers may recall from previous whining entries.

While I managed to tape the chewed through cable together, somehow this works less well for the strands of USB cables than for power cords, and it behaves oddly now and craps out on me frequently.

Anyway, I thought it best to preserve the pencils before I ruin it through inking without an undo function as safety net. I included close-ups of some of the details, seeing how I bothered to add the suggestion of scales and such details, you might as well see them properly.

Preview: preview of a dragon pencil drawing

pencils behind the cut )
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