Aug. 17th, 2010

Star Trek thematic list: Ancient/Non-Reform Vulcan

This is a thematic list (i.e. not recs) for stories about Ancient/Non-Reform Vulcan, i.e. stories featuring a Vulcan society without their emotional control. This can be either real Vulcan in the past at any point before Surak's Reforms (whether set then, or with time travel from the canon time period), some kind of alternate universe in which Vulcan devolped differently (mirror universes, parallel universes etc.) or even a society of Vulcanoid people who are living on another planet (e.g. were seeded by the Preservers or a faction of Vulcans who colonized the planet in the past, with the exception of the Romulans, who are not counted for this trope). Not included are stories that focus on individual Vulcans loosing emotional control, or just feature some tradition or rituals that date back to ancient Vulcan.

These are not recs, but a thematic list. I'll link gen stories as well as all kinds of pairings. Also, while I label for pairings and include the author's summary, I don't list detailed warnings, and due to the nature of this theme stories frequently may feature violence, slavery, dub-con, and non-con among other things, so readers following links should take care and check out the full story headers. It is split in TOS and Reboot for now, but if anyone has TNG, DS9, VOY or ENT stories featuring this, I'd add those as well.

So far I have eleven TOS and five Reboot stories, but I'd love to find more.

Star Trek thematic list: Ancient/Non-Reform Vulcan

Aug. 16th, 2010

I guess it was only a matter of time...

...before I felt the urge to compile thematic lists for Star Trek. I asked for stories featuring the Ancient Vulcan trope on [ profile] st_ficfinder, and between some links there and my own bookmarks and searching I have now have already about twenty or so. And I find myself thinking "hm, that would be enough to be worth a thematic list." Argh.

Mar. 18th, 2009

some SGA-related stuff

First, the sticksandsnark challenge entries have been posted. So there's lots of good Rodney and Teyla stuff. This year's masterlist is here. In particular I want to point you towards Your Mouth As Some Surprise by Siriaeve (Rodney/Teyla, 9,400 words), which is an awesome story with Rodney and Teyla stranded in a Pegasus monastery for a while. It's my favorite of the entries I've read so far. Also check out Astrid's gorgeous drawing.

Second, because compiling lists is a great way to procrastinate while still giving yourself the illusion of accomplishing something, I posted yet another SGA thematic list, this time of all SGA wingfic I could find. I also listed some art, but it's not yet nearly as comprehensive for that, because I don't bookmark fanart as much. As usual if you know of stuff I missed, please link me. I've also updated several of my other SGA thematic lists recently.

Third, I did not actually forget about the results of my previous "what should I draw" poll from a while ago. The results when I last checked were a three-way draw between the SGA/Avatar fusion option, the gothic/steampunkish SGA mad scientist AU, and the Dresden Files illustration. Of these I have the clearest idea about the SGA/Avatar fusion, so I've decided to go with that first, and draw Ronon as Firebender. I'm just (unsurprisingly) kind of slow making actual progress on this (and procrastinating via thematic list compilation, as seen above). Anyway, this is my public commitment to that project, still following my theory that public statements about WIPs might help in overcoming my lazy inertia.

Mar. 16th, 2009

SGA thematic list: Werewolves and other wereanimals

Because this gets asked for quite frequently on sgagenrefinders (like here, here, here and here...), I figured I'm not the only one with a soft spot for wereanimal stories, and a thematic list might be useful.

This is a SGA thematic list (i.e. not recs) for stories in which an SGA character becomes or already is a wereanimal. 'Wereanimal' here is not all that strict, but refers to any supernatural animal-shapeshifting as long as is not another kind of magical animal category, such as centaur!fic or dragon!fic. It is sorted by character, which kind of wereanimal is listed with the story.

As usual, if you know of any story that I've missed, please tell me about it.

Link: SGA thematic list: Werewolves and other wereanimals.

Aug. 24th, 2008


In my search for stories where the expedition is stranded in Pegasus, I noticed that there is apparently a whole subgenre where they form communes on Earth.

SGA thematic list: Atlantis is cut off from Earth or secedes

I've decided to start a new thematic list for another one of my favorite SGA fic tropes, an Atlantis that either by necessity or choice has to fend for itself in the Pegasus galaxy.

For a story to be included in this thematic list the Atlantis expedition has to loose contact with Earth permanently, or at least for a significantly longer time than in canon, declare independence from Earth, or be stranded as a colony in Pegasus after Atlantis is lost. I've divided the list in the following subsections:
  1. Atlantis is involuntarily cut off from Earth, e.g. it's on its own because Earth has been lost or is too occupied in the Milky Way (overrun by Ori, Replicators or Goa'uld, blown up, hit by a natural disaster...), or has never (or only much later) reestablished contact in the first place; contact with Earth may or may not happen eventually, but the separation has had a lasting impact, and is somewhat central to the story.
  2. Atlantis intentionally secedes from Earth, i.e. declares its independence, or its allegiance to one or more Pegasus cultures/alliances or develops into a colony city in the (far) future.
  3. The Atlantis expedition members (i.e. more than just the team) settle as a colony somewhere else in Pegasus, e.g. because Atlantis the city has been lost to some enemy or disaster, or taken over by Earth officials the original expedition can't support in their goals leading to mass desertion, or similar scenarios.

I've listed about thirty stories so far, but there are probably more, so if you know of any I missed please comment with a title and a link.

Jul. 27th, 2008

thematic list update

I've updated my SGA thematic list for alien cultures, which lists SGA fic that features human Pegasus cultures prominently or even in an interesting plot-device way, i.e. basically anything that isn't the "aliens make them do it" genre (unless the focus were very much the culture and its reasons to require visitors to engage in sexual relations, rather the "there was a random, irrational fertility ritual *hand-wave*, so John and Rodney have sex" kind) or standard plot-device usage (meaning things like "randomly violent natives attack the team for h/c purposes" and such, but we never really learn about the aliens in-depth) or merely token appearances, but shows Pegasus aliens as having a culture in their own right.

I hadn't updated in a couple of months, so there's a number of new links, also as always I'm happy if anyone points me to stories I missed. The same goes for my two other thematic lists for Wraith/Iratus bug transformations and for stories with John Sheppard as Ancient, Ori or Ascended.

Feb. 27th, 2008

SGA thematic list: Wraith/Iratus bug transformations

Because it is such a common, recurring request on the SGA genrefinders comm (and because I love Bug!John stories), I decided to compile a proper thematic list for stories relating to Wraith/Iratus bug transformations. The majority is Bug!John, but I have included sections for stories in which another human character is transformed into a Wraith or Iratus bug hybrid, as well as a section for stories dealing with the reverse, i.e. Wraith transformed into humans. Currently it lists about forty stories, but I'd love add any fitting story that I missed. I did not include those Conversion tags that are set completely after John reverted, unless there were at least some remaining transformation related aftereffects.

To avoid having to update the list in multiple journals I maintain it on my website, like with my other thematic list:

SGA thematic list: Wraith/Iratus bug transformations

Aug. 16th, 2007

relocating my SGA thematic list, plus a monster doodle

Since I am now crossposting on three sites, and have already backed my old entries up to GJ and intend to do the same to IJ eventually, it is a real hassle to update the SGA thematic list I maintain (the one listing stories with alien Pegasus cultures and new non-human aliens) directly as journal post, so the thematic list itself is now on a separate webpage. It's very bare bones, because it was annoying enough already to reformat it and to convert all the lj-shortcuts. I didn't even bother to replace them with "proper" author names if the pseuds differ, because there's well over a hundred stories on that list by now. But it should be serviceable enough, and I'll have to add stories in one place only instead of two or eventually three. Of course the original LJ entry is still there and now links to the webpage, so if you have for some reason linked my thematic list, your link won't be broken, though people have to follow an extra click.

On a slightly more fun note, I've posted another, slightly belated monster for [info]amarin_rose, who asked for a "Purple People Eater":
beware of the monster lurking behind this cut )

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