May. 3rd, 2009

three drawbles

Terminator + gardening for ilyena-sylph )

Snape vs. Deathstroke for katarik )

SGA + steampunk for telesilla )

Also, are people getting shyer when it comes to prompting?

Apr. 13th, 2009

Joan of Arcadia fanfic?

I have been awfully quiet lately for no particular reason except feeling somewhat down and uncommunicative, and incapable of producing interesting content. Also, public commitments to fanart projects -- now already ages ago in internet time -- don't really seem to counter sloth sufficiently in my case, sorry about that, I kind of suck wrt creative output right now.

Anyway to come back to my subject line, besides squeeing over the SCC finale -- but feeling too much like "flail!!" to produce any interesting or coherent thoughts about it, but there better be a third season or at least a lot of long fanfic exploring things -- and playing online flash games, I have also rewatched a whole bunch of Joan of Arcadia episodes recently. I've never read fanfic for the series when it first aired, but now I'm wondering whether anyone on my f-list knows where to find good JoA fanfic or has any recs. I looked at crack_van but don't see any there. I thought it can't hurt to ask before I venture on my own to look whether any of the JoA on is good.

Feb. 14th, 2009

yay, Sarah Connor Chronicles is back!

random quick comments, spoilers for SCC 2x14 )

Nov. 25th, 2008

SCC squee

The series continues to be awesome. spoilers for SCC 2x10 )

Jul. 26th, 2007

crossover dreams

I had a rather neat Harry Potter/The Sarah Connor Chronicles dream. Unfortunately I didn't write it down right after waking up, so I've already forgotten the plot, but it was full of action-adventure stuff. I think, iirc, the main premise was somehow that the SkyNet and Terminator machines were initially built to take care of the wizard war problems and fallout by the muggles for their protection against magic, perhaps even through time travel, only of course that backfired somehow (don't ask me how the HP and Terminator timelines were made to match up, it just worked in my dream!), and now John Connor had to fight both the Terminators and evil wizards or something. I think he and his mom may have hooked up with Harry & Co. at some point, but I'm not sure anymore of the details. Still it was a pretty cool dream. And of course there'd be great potential for our teenage heroes who are expected to save the world to commiserate in this setup, but my dream wasn't heavy on the teenage savior angst.

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