May. 13th, 2008


So I was browsing the CNN news site and stumbled upon some minor headline in a sidebar which read "Students find naked images in German textbook", and made me curious as to what exactly was so outrageous, because you don't find that many naked humans outside of biology and art textbooks in my experience, and sometimes art appears as illustration elsewhere, but overall not so much.

Anyway, I wondered whether it was a statue or art or maybe they had photographed a park and overlooked someone sunbathing in the background, but it turns out they were all atwitter over the photo of a newsstand in which you could make out a magazine cover showing some breasts. What a sad state of affairs if that reduces Texan teenagers to giggles... They probably need to be careful to avoid all language exchange programs as well as holidays or they might die from shock.

When I was in eighth grade or so it took educational hand outs on sex positions and diagrams about male/female arousal curves to reduce us to a giggling mess.
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Nov. 4th, 2007

weird fannish dream

I wonder whether I can blame this one on the fever...

It was a Friday Night Lights Dream, but sort of in a cyberpunk setting. I was together with Jason, Tim and Lyla, and we were on the run. I think because aliens wanted to infect something in us, or extract something, anyway, we would have turned into podpeople like the rest. Also we had some sort of radio connection with someone helping us, well, not really radio but some cyberpunk virtual reality communication. I think the one helping us was Landry.

Anyway I don't remember all of the plot, but at one point we were in some sort of mall, and there was someone speaking from a podium, I think it was an election campaign? Anyway, the speaker was this scary woman, who had strange body modifications done on her, like her bones were odd and her hands deformed, which I think had something to do with her covertly supporting the aliens? And we were sort of hiding in the audience, and I think trying to infiltrate her personal network to find out about her agenda or something.

It was all very dark and weird and full of paranoia.

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