Jul. 14th, 2011

what is iconic for White Collar?

I'd have liked a White Collar icon for a while now, but I'm not sure what I could do to make an icon recognizable. My icons more or less depend on having my avatar successfully cosplay a character, but wearing a suit and a hat is hardly unique, and aside from the tracking anklet (which I'm not sure would be recognizable at icon size) there aren't many distinct props either. So I'm somewhat at a loss. Any ideas?

Jan. 1st, 2011

gaps in my icon set...

When I posted my first Tolkien fanart rec, I realized that I do not have a single Tolkien icon. I ought to fix this, but I'm not sure how to make it recognizable. My favorite character is Aragorn, so ideally I'd like my avatar dressed up as him, but what are the iconic attributes that would make it clear my creature is supposed to be him?

Jun. 5th, 2009

opinions sought

So, I have been sucked into the the ST:AOS fandom, and I feel the need for having more Star Trek icons. I've had my Spock icon for a long time, and also have a Borg which, while not all that suitable for the TOS/AOS time period, aptly describes being assimilated into a new fandom. But now I'm considering to make an Uhura icon.

The snag I've run into is that I'm not sure which hairstyle I should choose. For rather obvious reason with my icon theme "resemblance" for a character depends a lot on things like associated symbols, tools, clothes and hairstyle. While I intend to use it for the new movie fandom, I somehow feel that TOS Uhura's hairstyle would be more recognizable to represent the character. So what do you think?

Apr. 4th, 2008

Two Lumps icons

It's been a while since I've made icons for others to grab, but I just spent some time catching up with the webcomic Two Lumps: The Adventures of Ebenezer and Snooch by J. Grant and Mel Hynes, and thought while reading that some of the images would make good icons. Also, if you're like me and somehow missed this webcomic, you should check it out.

Just comment if you take one (or more), say if you're willing to share, otherwise the icon belongs to the first person to claim it, and of course you can modify them any way you want.

Some examples:
artwork from Two Lumps by J. Grant and Mel Hynes artwork from Two Lumps by J. Grant and Mel Hynes artwork from Two Lumps by J. Grant and Mel Hynes

all icons behind the cut )

To keep the comments by people taking them in once place despite x-posting to two journals, I've disabled comments in the IJ post and enabled anonymous/Open ID comments for the LJ post. Sorry for the added inconvenience for people only or primarily using IJ, but more people are reading my journal on LJ.

Aug. 18th, 2007

help with an icon?

I decided to make a Borg!RatCreature icon, because I thought it might be good for fandom pimping post, even recs and such, maybe. (Also Borg are kind of cool to draw with the tubes and machine parts and such.)

I have finished the pencils (see below), but now I'm wondering whether or not the icon to be should have some text. I thought about maybe the obvious, like "Resistance is futile!" or "You will be assimilated." but then wondered whether that was even necessary? Or maybe someone has an idea for something wittier? I am indecisive. Help? Opinions?

pencils of a Borg!RatCreature )

Aug. 7th, 2007

icon ideas?

After seeing all the IBARW icons around, I've been trying to come up with an idea for an anti-racism icon that would fit with my icon theme, but so far I've kind of failed. Looking at my existing icons I'm even conspicuously lacking in icons of my avatar dressing up as COC. I have only a Teyla!RatCreature, and I haven't yet done the Ronon one I planned to complete my SGA team set (+ Wraith!RatCreature). Maybe I could be generous and count my Che!RatCreature too...

I never really thought about this until today, but in my icon set COCs (okay so there's no plural warranted yet, but I mean in principle) are also white through the design, which is that my creature avatar for fandom icons generally dresses up as different characters rather than icons showing images of the actual media characters themselves. "Blackface" disguises wouldn't be an appropriate design, so the idea to give my Teyla!RatCreature a different skin color didn't seem right to me. Though I actually didn't reflect about it much when I drew her. So it's just clothes, and I guess potentially hair, but most other "ethnic" features are kind of out with my avatar not being really human.

Actually looking closer I have to revise that statement, I do change my avatar's eyes making them narrower and slanted to varying degrees to make it look "evil", which is of course a fairly common cartoon technique. I'm not actually sure how much of that is racist stereotyping, because of the way that "cartoon eyes" don't work like actual human eyes. I mean, it's not like Asian people's eyes are actually positioned differently in the face when you draw them, they just appear slanted because the epicanthic fold reaches lower and some Asian eyes have a single fold eyelid rather than a double-fold one, so the area that's visible of the eyeball changes a bit, but human eyes have obviously a "fixed axis" what with being in a bone socket, and what changes for expression is the eyebrows. However for *cartoon* eyes to convey expression their axis is often changed like that of the eyebrows (though more subtle) to make the overall expression more intense. So for an angry look you don't just change the eyebrows, but actually tilt the axis of the eyes (you can see that when looking at Donald Duck cartoons, his character uses the eye-axis thing to great effect, you can look at classic model sheets explaining this effect this entry in an animation blog), and of course you make them narrower, because humans narrow their eyes in anger, and for happy, laughing eyes you change the axis of the eyes in the opposite direction. But looking closely I actually do draw the corners of the eyes differently for the evil characters as well, if you look at my Voldemort!RatCreature, my Sith!RatCreature and the WraithRatCreature. Umm, well, I don't know.

However, the only times my avatar is a different color are the aliens, that is the "Roswell/Gray Alien" type icon, which I made gray for obvious reasons, and the Wraith one, which ended up gray, because I wanted its hair look really white in contrast. Anyway, apparently I have no trouble changing its color then, but all the "human representing" creature versions have the same "skin" color (or maybe fur color, to be honest in my design it's not quite clear how much fur they have). In the rare color drawing containing my avatar (like this card) that color is actually a light gray, sometimes a light blue-ish gray, because that looks better than no color, so it's not really any kind of human skin tone. (I'm just pointing this out so that you don't imagine my avatar some kind of horrible light pink or something in a color drawing when I say that it is "white", that would just be ugly on it.)

So do you have any ideas for icon anti-racist motifs that would work?

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