Jan. 18th, 2012


So I've read about the English Wikipedia being blacked out today to protest that internet legislation, and wanted to see how it looks, but I can see it like always? So do they only black it out in the US? I'm confused.

Unrelated, I was totally right about the formula "McAvoy + sloths = insta-popularity".

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Aug. 11th, 2011

fandom confuses me yet again

I thought I had seen the most ill-suited posting venue for fanfic when I encountered fans posting stories to deviantArt, but that has now been surpassed by far: Why on earth would anyone put a ficlet in the tag field in Tumblr?!? And not a five word story or the like either, but something that's abut 350 words accompanying a GIF? I mean, you can post text with a picture, why not do that? Is there a reason to make it a tag? It's actually not a bad Erik/Charles ficlet or gif, but omg the formatting...

And connected to this another Tumblr question: the post I linked above to illustrate is a reblog of the story in the [tumblr.com profile] erikandcharles Tumblr, because the original post you get to when clicking that reblog has apparently been deleted. So if others reblog your posts/pictures on Tumblr the reblog posts remain, and you can't delete your content? What about edits, i.e. say I posted a sketch to Tumblr, it gets reblogged by someone, then I notice that the hand of the character has the thumb on the wrong side or a similar error (don't laugh, that has happened to me with pictures) and edit my post with an upload of a corrected version. Will the correction propagate through the reblogs? Obviously there are pros/cons either way, i.e. if it does affect the reblogs you can do effective corrections, however because the nature of Tumblrs it would also open an easy way to abuse/spam or rickrolling, in that someone could post something attractive and pretty, wait a bit, then edit to shock image or the like. So would you have to live with wrongly thumbed hands forever when posting to Tumblr?

Jun. 20th, 2011


I don't understand how people who try to insert German endearments into their Charles/Erik fanfic end up with female endings. I get that English is deficient when it comes to the concept of grammatical gender, but the auto-translate bots tend to default to male (e.g. if you enter "my Beloved" into Google translate it gives you "mein Geliebter" as first choice not "meine Geliebte" though it gives you neuter if you don't capitalize, presumably because it assumes some noun ought to follow and is indecisive or something), and plenty of endearments authors could pick are the same for both genders anyway (e.g. "mein Schatz"). So how do authors arrive at the female endings? An additional question is of course whether Erik would choose German of all things as his love language to begin with.

Nov. 16th, 2010

bwuh? that domain name is just misleading...

So I was randomly browsing, clicking through links on blogs, as you do, and came across some link to a contest on a site called fanartreview.com which naturally I thought was site for fanart reviews, what with that being the domain name and all. I was curious, because I had never heard of it, so I clicked. Only it turns out it has nothing to do with fanart at all. It seems to be some sort of social site where people can sign up to post, review and sell their art and photography. I've tried to discern why on earth they have "fanart" in their site name, but couldn't figure it out. It seems to be owned by something called "FanStory.com, Inc." which incidentally has nothing to do with fanfic either, but has some sort of writing contests. I don't get it. If it was "artfanreviews" that might have made a little sense, like fans of art reviewing stuff, but this? IDEK.
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Nov. 2nd, 2010

has LJ changed the site scheme?

Is it just me or is in the LJ site scheme for comments suddenly the blue background bit shorter, so that the icon appears to be hanging over and everything looks more cramped?

ETA: I just looked at the LJ help page, and they list "Comment pages in some site schemes are displaying incorrectly. LiveJournal staff are investigating." in the Known Issues section. So it seems this isn't intentional at least, and might get fixed. Though how they managed to mess up their default layout for half their schemes (it doesn't show for me in the Horizon scheme, but when I'm logged in and use the old XColibur scheme I cling to, it does, ditto for the light style) without intending to, I don't want to know.
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Oct. 21st, 2007

what's up with Google News?

I just went to the Google News site, and it loads, but doesn't aggregate anything, i.e. the modules displayed but there's no news in them. Is this just me? Like maybe I accidentally changed some mysterious setting or something? Or do others have this problem too?

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