Apr. 23rd, 2016

odd comments

Sometimes people are leaving odd comments on AO3. Like this one by inky-pen on my Furry and Animals drawbles collection on AO3. It just says "Can u draw a mixture of a snake and squirrel. Please."

It is somewhat strange to get a comment that doesn't actually say anything about having liked the art that is there, and just asks for a new drawing. And since inky-pen didn't comment from an AO3 account, I don't even know who they are. I did however draw them a Frankenstein snake-squirrel mix, though I'm not sure whether you even get email comment notifications without an AO3 account, so maybe they'll never know.

for inky-pen )

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Apr. 10th, 2013

baffling things on Tumblr

Like how you see a pretty but uncredited artwork on Tumblr (which if you're interested is by Tsuneo Sanda), with the poster saying that they don't know who did the artwork, and among the many comments some who say they tried reverse image search but didn't find any proper source just Tumblr and Pinterest reposts (which is true), when in fact with a bit of effort you can mostly make out the name in the text part of the signature in the corner. It was a little blurry, even in the largest version of the image that I could find uncredited on Pinterest (only credited there with an image URL, I suspect probably from Facebook image hosting originally, based on URL shape, but at least that Pinterest source picture was larger than all Tumblr repost files, so it must have spread from there), but a simple google *text* search for what I could recognize of the sig together with "art", gave me the artist as first result, even though I guessed one letter wrong due to the blurriness at first, but the symbol part of the sig was clearly matching.

Admittedly it took me a few minutes, what with first looking for the largest file version to make out the signature better and then googling what I could read, but it wasn't that much effort, so I don't get why the original poster and other rebloggers who seemed to have been interested in who the artist was as well, didn't manage to look closely at the name on the picture. It's not like I'm particularly eagle eyed. I messaged the poster on Tumblr with the artist name, so maybe they'll add proper credit.

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Oct. 25th, 2010

fannish etiquette question

With the proliferation of Tumblr, what do you do if another fan just reblogs your pictures? I understand that one of the reasons people like Tumblr is because it is so easy to just post a bunch of pictures and video and such, but I do have a notice that I don't want my art distributed without permission, because I'd rather like traffic to come to my site than some random Tumblr or other site. (This seems to be an ongoing problem for me of late.) Am I just behind on the new fannish normal?

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