Aug. 11th, 2011

fandom confuses me yet again

I thought I had seen the most ill-suited posting venue for fanfic when I encountered fans posting stories to deviantArt, but that has now been surpassed by far: Why on earth would anyone put a ficlet in the tag field in Tumblr?!? And not a five word story or the like either, but something that's abut 350 words accompanying a GIF? I mean, you can post text with a picture, why not do that? Is there a reason to make it a tag? It's actually not a bad Erik/Charles ficlet or gif, but omg the formatting...

And connected to this another Tumblr question: the post I linked above to illustrate is a reblog of the story in the [ profile] erikandcharles Tumblr, because the original post you get to when clicking that reblog has apparently been deleted. So if others reblog your posts/pictures on Tumblr the reblog posts remain, and you can't delete your content? What about edits, i.e. say I posted a sketch to Tumblr, it gets reblogged by someone, then I notice that the hand of the character has the thumb on the wrong side or a similar error (don't laugh, that has happened to me with pictures) and edit my post with an upload of a corrected version. Will the correction propagate through the reblogs? Obviously there are pros/cons either way, i.e. if it does affect the reblogs you can do effective corrections, however because the nature of Tumblrs it would also open an easy way to abuse/spam or rickrolling, in that someone could post something attractive and pretty, wait a bit, then edit to shock image or the like. So would you have to live with wrongly thumbed hands forever when posting to Tumblr?

Aug. 3rd, 2011

*pokes flist/dwircle*

Am I imagining that it's quieter than usual? Is everyone on vacation? Absconded to *hiss* Tumblr?

As for some totally random fannish commentary, why am I still not inured to the name smooshes, but still aghast anew in every fandom I acquire? (Meaning of course the smooshes Cherik and Charik I've been seeing around for Charles/Erik, just like last time around I was baffled at Mckick for Kirk/Spock/McCoy and cringing at Spirk.)

Jul. 27th, 2011


I have finally found an animal-sex inspired fanfic that is weirder than the marsupial mpreg series in SGA: Ballistic Penises and Corkscrew Vaginas by [personal profile] longsufferingly. It's J2, but not even my RPF squick could stop my curiosity after I watched the linked videos of duck penises that were the inspiration.

Jun. 17th, 2010

warnings I don't get

I just came across a header with the line "Warnings: miscsquick". What is that supposed to mean? I guess there is a typo in there somewhere so the warning could be "misc. squick" which has to be the most useless warning ever, because just knowing that "miscellaneous squicks" are in there doesn't help you any to decide whether to read or not, unless you are sure that you have no squicks whatsoever. After all "miscellaneous" could mean the story was say someone killing puppies and then molesting their corpses in necrophiliac bestiality. (Glancing through the story I think the warning was just intended for a worn underwear fetish, not puppy necrophilia. That was just my mind combining the first miscellaneous squick I thought of, i.e. animal harm, with the PWP genre of the story, in a guess.)

Or the line could have been intended as "might squick" which is equally useless, because any kink is someone else's squick. I guess both could just be a variant of "caveat, author doesn't use warnings", which is fine, but then why not say so?

Seriously, if you warn for some squicks, say what the potentially squicky things are, or say outright that you don't warn.

Dec. 6th, 2009

name smooshes: endlessly amusing, also less than clear for threesomes

I have just seen a Kirk/Spock/McCoy fic tagged as "Mckick". Granted, on the story itself rather than the journal's tags it was written out, so don't know whether this was just for tag brevity or is really used as pairing name proper somewhere, but even with knowing the pairing it took me a bit to decipher what this tag on the post meant. Smooshes just get the more confusing the more people are involved.

Oct. 3rd, 2009

aaah, why can't you un-see things?! (or pain shared is pain halved)

As the Archive of Our Own is doing performance testing of the new servers, I was doing random searches, but this reminded me why I normally don't do this. I saw explicit Joseph Ratzinger RPS. Yikes. Just when I thought I couldn't be surprised anymore.

Jul. 31st, 2009

pet peeve revisited

I know I have ranted about the usage of "Spock Prime" in the narrative and dialog just a few days ago, but since then I've come across this far more often. Like every day I see stories doing this. More than one. It occurs even in stories that I found on rec lists, not through random, at-your-own-risk browsing. (In case you're wondering, [info - personal] musesfool recced this offender.) Just, WTF? This is getting out of hand if you can't even trust recs to protect you.

Please tell me that some fan somewhere has written a Greasemonkey script or something to do word replacements on the fly in your browser to fix epithets, and I can adapt this to replace every "Spock Prime" with "Ambassador Spock".

ETA: Thanks to the awesome [info - personal] gnatkip I have now indeed found a script that will do this word replacement for me. Greasemonkey to the rescue.

Apr. 21st, 2009

revising my internal "best of pairing smooshes" list...

Up to now I've thought that "Snermione" was the most unfortunate smooshed pairing name I've seen "in the wild" (i.e. used by someone unironically just to name the pairing rather than in posts mocking the most hilarious potential name combinations), but I think I may have to revise this in light of having just seen "Spirk" on a story search. I'm not completely sure what I object to in particular, except that calling it "Kock" would be as easy to pronounce, even funnier and comply with the traditional K/S order. Seriously though, "Spirk"?!?

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