May. 20th, 2016

help me find a fanfic?

I'm trying to find a Bucky post-WS recovery story again (one among the many I've read). It was, at least partly, a therapy fic, and I remember really liking the therapist OFC. There was iirc quite a bit of therapy detail, I think some sensory PTSD coping mechanism with touching objects, and another feature that stood out was that the therapist in her regular practice worked with traumatized children? I'm not sure about other details, because TBH a lot of stories kind of blur together in my mind.

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Sep. 11th, 2015

inching towards making my rec pages current

When I link checked my recs, I also noticed that I never even added the last recs I posted in this journal in April 2012. I now fixed that, though I didn't mark them as new additions on the website, because well, the recs were from 2012. I could take some WIP labels off, though.

And only one of those stories has vanished since then, Exegesis, an XMFC WIP by [personal profile] aesc. It used to be at: and was a kind of dystopian fantasy AU with powers, some A/B/O elements, and intriguing worldbuilding with religion and history. I'm really sad it vanished, because even unfinished, I enjoyed it a lot.

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Sep. 6th, 2015

I finished checking all my crossover recs

I stayed up way too late, but my crossover recs once again link to the stories.

Four crossovers have gone missing since I last updated. :(

One is an HP/X-Men xover by [ profile] penknife, Stutter (ca. 1,500 words), that is a timestamp to Curiosities (needs and AO3 account) (ca. 4,045 words), but unlike that, it is not on AO3, and the LJ version, that used to be at has been locked.

The second is a Numb3rs/SGA xover, Crooked Line (ca. 8,600 words), by miss_zedem, that used to be at: but the whole LJ has been deleted. From my description: "This is set during The Return for SGA, but its premise is that there was a relationship between John and Charlie in the past and they are meeting again for a temporary reunion. I really liked that this was low on the relationship angst and drama, yet not a PWP either."

The last two are a set of gen Supernatural/Terminator crossovers by [ profile] vorrothiel but the LJ has been locked. The first "where the grass is green and the girls are pretty" (ca. 2,165 words) used to be at: and its sequel "oh, won't you please take me home" (ca. 2,700 words) at: From my description: "There's something about crossovers between Supernatural and Terminator that really appeals to me. The universes just go together like hazelnuts and chocolate, IMO. Anyway, this one has the unique premise that Ash used to know John Connor in high school."

At least I have copies of all of these because I commented on them and at the time had a paid LJ account that sent me my comments with the quoted entry.

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Sep. 5th, 2015

I finished checking/updating all my AU recs

Newly missing are links to three ST:AOS stories. One is "Open Up My Eager Eyes" by [personal profile] downjune, slash and femslash, Kirk/Spock, Uhura/Gaila, ca. 15,000 words. It used to be at: but that journal was locked, and this story isn't on the author's AO3 profile or the DW journal. And once again I failed to save a copy. :( The description from my rec: "This is a fusion with Pump Up the Volume that was written for reel-startrek. I really enjoyed this, even though I'm not particularly into high school AUs or into making Spock a human/loosing the SF elements in Trek fiction."

The other two are by [personal profile] leftarrow, also vanished with a locked journal. The first is "Lensflare Lover", het, Pike/Enterprise, Pike/Number One, ca. 7,300 words. It used to be at:, with the description from my rec: "This has a cool premise in which the spaceships have avatars." The second "Walls Burning, Towers Turning", slash, Kirk/Pike, ca. 5,000 words. It used to be at:, with the description from my rec: "This is a fantasy AU with really neat worldbuilding."

In happier news, one story that had been locked for a while, became unlocked again, so you can once again read: "In Truth" by [ profile] mint_amaretto, slash and het, Kirk/McCoy, Spock/Uhura, ca. 3,570 words. This is a really creepy, twisted AU, as any mix with the Dollhouse concept (not the series itself, more the basic premise) should be.

Next, checking my xover recs which are also more than a hundred links. Maybe at some point I will even get around to posting new ones.

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Sep. 4th, 2015

more missing fic, Numb3rs this time

I'm missing a link to "Sacrifices of the Keeper" by Pygmymuse, gen, ca. 28,340 words. It used to be at: but the LJ has been deleted. I didn't even save a copy. :( The description from my rec: "In this AU Don and Charlie's parents are killed in a car accident, when Charlie is still a teenager."

Does anyone know whether it can be still found online somewhere?

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Sep. 2nd, 2015

trying to track down lost fic...

I've decided to slowly tackle the linkrot in my rec pages after all (so far I've done the TS, SGA, and SPN AU recs and that alone took most of yesterday, yikes, a major hurdle is that automatic link checkers won't show deleted LJs as broken, because the error message isn't standard).

With the SGA AU recs I'm missing "Everything but Love" by Cottontail, John Sheppard/Rodney McKay, ca. 24,000 words. It used to be posted at: but the LJ has been deleted. Other stories by this author can still be found on Wraithbait and AO3 but not this one. I didn't even save a copy. :( The description from my rec: "This story adapts the plot of the movie The Lake House. I have never seen that, but the crux of it is that John and Rodney get each others' mail, but are living two years apart. The time travel paradoxes in this one made my head hurt a bit, but then the time travel here is more a vehicle for their romance than the point of the story, and the romance was a lot of fun to read." Does anyone know whether it can be still found online somewhere?

Currently I'm checking the DCU AU recs pages and the only story which I can't find, is the Batman story "Topsy Turvy World" by Roach. It used to be posted at: but the LJ has been deleted. The story was posted in November 2005 in response to the Vice Versa Challenge, and swaps Barbara Gordon and Tim Drake. I actually managed to save myself a copy for once (for a while I routinely downloaded everything linked on my rec pages with a script after posting, but unfortunately as many good backup practices it didn't last), so at least I still have a copy for myself, but I'd love , but I'd love to link it online somewhere.

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Feb. 2nd, 2015

is there any XMFC fanfic about Magneto's Brotherhood that... set in the late 60s and puts them in a Black Panthers like role and explores that?

I recently listened to a long interview with the director Stanley Nelson about the new documentary The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution, and that made me want a kind of XMFC universe version of such a history with mutants.

Like a slightly AU scenario where Magneto's Brotherhood are actually part of a movement, whose prominent leaders are imprisoned or assassinated, and they are targeted by COINTELPRO infiltration (granted, a bit trickier with mindreading telepaths around, but maybe they just don't expect other mutants to work for the FBI like that), and there are mutants that act as agents provocateurs (could explain more bizarre plans...) and are trying to sow dissent and split the organization, and all that stuff.

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Sep. 23rd, 2011

rec me happy fic?

Have you read any feel-good stories recently? Normally I tend towards angsty with happy endings in my reading, but I am in need of completely fluffy escapism. So for the purpose of this inquiry I mean stories with happy endings in which the characters don't suffer too much before either, but preferably something with some sort of plot, not PWPs or h/c fluff or the like, e.g. genres like romantic comedies, or caper stories or humor or such, where something happens, but it is not that extreme in tension, angst or drama (if that makes sense). As a complicating factor, the plot shouldn't depend on some stupid misunderstanding between the characters, or ineptitude either (those sometimes hit my embarrassment squick).

So have you read any recent, tragedy free stories lately? XMFC would be particularly nice, but I'd take White Collar, Sherlock, Star Trek Reboot, SGA, Merlin...

Sep. 13th, 2011

there has to be fic with this trope...

I'm reading quite a bit of Charles/Erik right now, and a number of those feature some variation of telepathic sex.

And it occurred to me that of course direct brain stimulation of the reward system is one of the most addictive things (like those experiments on the unfortunate rats who press brain stimulation levers until they die because they like that better than eating and drinking), and of course some people think even regular sex can become an addiction. So obviously sex with Charles could be addictive, especially if he couldn't control what he does with his brain fully during sex and somehow instinctively tries to pleasure his partner telepathically.

Also this offers fabulous opportunities for angst if Charles is worried about this. According to the wikipedia page on this these rat experiments were first done in the early 1950s, so assuming Charles would be interested in neuroscience to understand his mutation, he would know about these experiments by the time the movie takes place, and could worry. Actually if anyone wanted to write virgin!Charles, you could argue that it is possible he read about these experiments before he ever became sexually active and developed a worried hang-up over whether or not he'd be safe for his partners.

Surely there has to be angsty fic that explores telepathic sex as highly addictive?

Jan. 14th, 2011

the icon really says all

So, since I'm currently reccing Tolkien art at [community profile] fanart_recs (yes, I do find a way to promote the comm in every other post *g*), I've been in the mood to read some LOTR fic. Specifically I was looking for 4th age Aragorn & Faramir friendship stories. I don't read that much LOTR, so I browsed around and checked out one that I seen positively linked in a couple of places, hoping to avoid the worst, but alas! It wasn't to be. It's like a train wreck, the way this series butchers poor Faramir's characterization. What is it with stories turning him into some kind of weepy, quivering wimp (and not even due to extreme torture or anything)?

Incidentally, links to decent stories would be welcome. (I don't read Aragorn/Faramir though.)

Sep. 22nd, 2010


Please tell me that someone has already written the slightly AU PWP missing scene for this ep in which spoilers for 7x01 )

May. 26th, 2010

random fanfic musing

I've been wondering whether there was any Star Trek fic that somehow deals with the ongoing consequences of that apocalyptic phase Earth had before the utopian Federation in the Trek universe with the Eugenics Wars and WWIII and such. Not adventure stuff like some frozen Augment surfacing, but more slice-of-life fanfic in which the mundane longterm annoyances of living on top of former sites of industrialized warfare come up. Like the environmental damage or how the Earth citizens in former target and strategic places may on a semi-regular basis get their lives disrupted, because some uncleared weapon remnants resurface or the like.

I guess that with the improved Federation tech making cleaning up easier they probably have cleared much of that warfare legacy and pollution by the time the Trek series take place. OTOH from what I vaguely recall of the flashbacks we got over time to that era it's not out of the question that in hurried and chaotic rebuilding with first contact on top of it some duds somewhere in the ground that hadn't been exploded so far didn't seem like a priority. Or they just poured some concrete on the nuclear contaminated waste hoping for the best and that it won't be worse than the increased overall background radiation they are bound to have.

(This was brought on by some idle musing as yesterday evening there was once again some travel chaos and public transport disruption, because they had to evacuate an area, after they found some unexploded WWII bomb or other that had to be defused. Which is a fairly common occurrence here, especially when they are digging around in the harbor area. They usually have to evacuate five hundred meters around such a site, so that means a couple of thousand people living there have to be elsewhere for a few hours, and inevitably some train track is affected and closed, and a bunch of buses get disrupted and you get chain effects in the connected lines too.)

So have you ever read any Trek fic like that?

Aug. 8th, 2009

delicious use?

I've seen some fans say that these days they primarily use delicious to find fanfic to read rather than following fic comms or watching archives directly. I also do that when I search for specific stuff and look for tags, but I don't really use the social network functions. Every now and then I try adding someone, especially if a rec comm also keeps track of their recs on delicious, but somehow I never really stick with it. (And only part of the reason is that delicious often tends to crash or freeze my browser if I view it with javascript enabled, which I suspect is because it can't deal well with my large number of tags or something. It's really quite pathetic -- ~4900 tags is not that many.)

So do any of you use delicious' network feature? Which people (or comm accounts) do you follow to find new fanfic? Currently I'm particularly interested in ST:AOS (though TOS also to some degree), SGA (*clutches*), Merlin, Supernatural (non-Wincest, non-RPS only), and Numb3rs, but as I'm really multifannish and fickle in my interests I'd be interested in what you follow for other fandoms too. Do you have any recs whom I should follow there?

ETA: And please feel free to point out your own account if it fits what I'm looking for.

May. 27th, 2009

The Listener fanfic?

I've recently watched The Listener, and quite liked it. So naturally I'm now wondering whether there is any fanfic to be found for it. I've tried with various likely tags without success, asked google, looked on and nothing turns up. Not a single story anywhere. An interest search on LJ yielded a single community [info] - livejournal.comthe_listener_tv (no comms on DW or IJ), but the only fanfic posted were two very short comment ficlets.

I just can't believe nobody has written anything for it. It has a main hero Toby who is pretty, angsty (with some past trauma), orphaned and a telepath, and can be easily shipped with both his on-and-off again girlfriend Olivia, but just as well slashed with his paramedic partner Oz thanks to Toby and both Olivia both being somewhat waffling about their relationship, or paired with any number of other people. The whole series is like a fanfic blueprint what with the mix of mild supernatural SF elements, crime/medical drama, tragic mystery past and relationship options. And yet, thirteen episodes of this and I can find no fanfic anywhere? How can that be?

Apr. 13th, 2009

Joan of Arcadia fanfic?

I have been awfully quiet lately for no particular reason except feeling somewhat down and uncommunicative, and incapable of producing interesting content. Also, public commitments to fanart projects -- now already ages ago in internet time -- don't really seem to counter sloth sufficiently in my case, sorry about that, I kind of suck wrt creative output right now.

Anyway to come back to my subject line, besides squeeing over the SCC finale -- but feeling too much like "flail!!" to produce any interesting or coherent thoughts about it, but there better be a third season or at least a lot of long fanfic exploring things -- and playing online flash games, I have also rewatched a whole bunch of Joan of Arcadia episodes recently. I've never read fanfic for the series when it first aired, but now I'm wondering whether anyone on my f-list knows where to find good JoA fanfic or has any recs. I looked at crack_van but don't see any there. I thought it can't hurt to ask before I venture on my own to look whether any of the JoA on is good.

Mar. 16th, 2009

SGA thematic list: Werewolves and other wereanimals

Because this gets asked for quite frequently on sgagenrefinders (like here, here, here and here...), I figured I'm not the only one with a soft spot for wereanimal stories, and a thematic list might be useful.

This is a SGA thematic list (i.e. not recs) for stories in which an SGA character becomes or already is a wereanimal. 'Wereanimal' here is not all that strict, but refers to any supernatural animal-shapeshifting as long as is not another kind of magical animal category, such as centaur!fic or dragon!fic. It is sorted by character, which kind of wereanimal is listed with the story.

As usual, if you know of any story that I've missed, please tell me about it.

Link: SGA thematic list: Werewolves and other wereanimals.

Nov. 11th, 2008

looking for recs

Does anyone know good places to find Don-centric Numb3rs recs? Or has any recs? I don't read Don/Charlie incest, and most of the [info]crack_van recs so far are that, though the current reccer is inclined towards gen, but hasn't posted many recs yet. I only read Numb3rs occasionally so I don't really know where to look. Gen and het are fine, as is non-incest slash.

I tried browsing [info]numb3rsficfind but much like its SPN and SGA counterparts this seems more of a hit and miss way to find stories, also it lured me (in that "curiosity killed the cat" way) to follow a link to a multiple fandom crossover in which people turn into dragons, which could have been kind of cool only there were also souldbonds and it got worse from there, at least as far as I could tell from skimming it.

Aug. 24th, 2008

SGA thematic list: Atlantis is cut off from Earth or secedes

I've decided to start a new thematic list for another one of my favorite SGA fic tropes, an Atlantis that either by necessity or choice has to fend for itself in the Pegasus galaxy.

For a story to be included in this thematic list the Atlantis expedition has to loose contact with Earth permanently, or at least for a significantly longer time than in canon, declare independence from Earth, or be stranded as a colony in Pegasus after Atlantis is lost. I've divided the list in the following subsections:
  1. Atlantis is involuntarily cut off from Earth, e.g. it's on its own because Earth has been lost or is too occupied in the Milky Way (overrun by Ori, Replicators or Goa'uld, blown up, hit by a natural disaster...), or has never (or only much later) reestablished contact in the first place; contact with Earth may or may not happen eventually, but the separation has had a lasting impact, and is somewhat central to the story.
  2. Atlantis intentionally secedes from Earth, i.e. declares its independence, or its allegiance to one or more Pegasus cultures/alliances or develops into a colony city in the (far) future.
  3. The Atlantis expedition members (i.e. more than just the team) settle as a colony somewhere else in Pegasus, e.g. because Atlantis the city has been lost to some enemy or disaster, or taken over by Earth officials the original expedition can't support in their goals leading to mass desertion, or similar scenarios.

I've listed about thirty stories so far, but there are probably more, so if you know of any I missed please comment with a title and a link.

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