Oct. 30th, 2010

comment doodle

I couldn't help myself when I came across Te's post and somehow ended up doodling Tim turned into a lesbian centaur. Yeah. IDEK.

May. 17th, 2009

fanart, Robin III (Tim Drake)

Fandom: DC Comics
Characters/Pairings: Robin III (Tim Drake)
Media used: mixed media (ink, acrylic paint, chalk pastels, razor blade)
Rating/warnings: G, none
Notes/comments: This turned out rather more mixed media than planned, due to me trying to salvage the image from the completely blotched state that was the result of a supposedly water-resistant ink being quite soluble in specific circumstances after all. So it looks rather different from what I imaged, and not nearly as nice as a promising pre-blotch inbetween state did (which I unfortunately didn't scan), that had more texture and scratched gradients, but the black ink dissolved when I tried adding the color highlights and thus the ink ran into them. Also as usual the scanner didn't actually scan the colors as they are on the paper, though I tried to correct it as best as I could to compensate for that piece of color blind crap. Um, well, I usually try not talk this much about everything that went wrong (it doesn't give a good audience bias) but this was a very frustrating evening, and I can't help the venting.
Preview: preview of Robin III picture
the image is behind the cut )

Jul. 9th, 2007

a doodle for the DCU kissing meme

[info]kayim is hosting a DCU kissing meme, and I've drawn a Tim/Steph doodle for it.

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