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Jan. 16th, 2013

Tumblr, endlessly frustrating...

So very often I want to find out the context of what led to an amusing image, and on Tumblr there is no way to ask, and often no proper source, just the image being posted, and then when you google image search the picture you only get a bunch of tumblrs as results.

Like just now, on my dashboard comes this post in which someone posted a vintage or pseudo-vintage safe sex poster, which people seem to find amusing for its gay subtext or something, that was of course created by manipulating the original J.C. Leyendecker advertising artwork (which of course wasn't for safe sex) which has a woman between the two soldiers, flirting with them, and by removing that woman they seem to flirt with each other. (Though some think the guys look more at each other in the original too, and it's often speculated that Leyendecker may have been homosexual etc. etc. but it remains that the original is not *that* obviously gay.)

However looking at the pic on Tumblr I have no idea whether someone actually created a (physical) poster at some point, or just manipped it to look like a poster or anything. On second thought, since the watermark URL leads to a photomanip contest site, a real poster seems unlikely. So I guess at some point this image was on that contest site, but I still have no idea who the creator was, because google image search gives no results from the contest site in the watermark.

And I'm actually not sure whether everybody who finds this amusing on Tumblr even realizes the underlying vintage artwork has been manipulated from its original state. It's incredibly frustrating, and you can't even comment there to ask or have a conversation.

ETA: But a search for "safe sex" on the contest site gave the manip in question, so after a bit over half an hour of websearching I now know that the credit for that manip goes to someone called Snowcrash and won the third place in a "vintage ad" contest on that site. Obviously this lack of proper sourcing on Tumblr does not help its timesink aspect at all.

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Dec. 30th, 2011

2011 art roundup

Compared to 2010 there was a slight uptick in productiveness. This year I made six pieces of art, 36 drawbles/doodles, and seven icons, though depressingly there were three months entirely without art. In comparison 2010 it was four pieces of art, 28 doodles/drawbles, one icon, and also three months without art; 2009 five pieces of art, 20 doodles/drawbles, three icons and six months without art. Maybe at some point I'll have a year where I can do one of those memes where you need to put in one preview picture for every month.

I posted the 2010 Yuletart Merlin art, Fealty, to my journal (linked in this roundup because it wasn't yet in last year's)
Aragorn ratcreature icon
eight drawbles (DC, Merlin, SGA, SPN, original)

Nothing. :(

Nothing. :(
(Though I did make a baby quilt for my second niece that month.)

a Duncan ratcreature icon

another Duncan ratcreature icon

two Erik Lehnsherr/Magneto ratcreature icons
a sketch for snowynight's prompt Colleen Wing & Kendo

a Methos ratcreature icon
a Neal ratcreature icon
X-Men/Calvin & Hobbes fanfic illustration

XMFC art meme
three drawbles (ATLA, Iron Man, X-Men)
two more X-Men/Calvin & Hobbes fanfic illustrations
Gnome & Horklumps HP fanart

three X-Men/Sesame Street doodles: "Magneto and Super Grover explain the letter M", "Erik visits Oscar's trash can" and "Hank and Kermit sing a duet"

Highlander/X-Men fanfic illustration
an Elmo birthday card for my niece
eight drawbles: seven here and one (Edward Scissorhands, Harry Potter, Muppets, SGA, Star Trek, Terminator, original)
four Halloween drawbles (SGA, X-Men, original)

Nothing :(

six drawbles: two here and four (Merlin, SG-1, SGA, original)
a Cookie Monster Christmas card
my yet to be revealed Secret Mutant artwork

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Dec. 30th, 2010

2010 art roundup

I thought 2009 was a low point in productiveness, but this year wasn't any better. Back in 2009 I made five pieces of art, 20 doodles/drawbles, and three icons, and in 2010 it was four pieces of art, 28 doodles/drawbles and one icon. Though I also created [community profile] fanart_recs, so that led to me reccing fanart at least.

Nothing. :(
though I posted the 2009 Yuletart SGA art, Offworld Team Camping to my journal (linked in this roundup because it wasn't yet in last year's)

creature doodle: a valentine's card of a sort

Nothing. :(

an Easter doodle: Infiltration

a Sherlock Holmes doodle that I did in response to a request in [community profile] artondemand
Trek Reverse Bang fanart

Nothing. :(

a Kirk/Spock mindmeld ratcreature icon

eleven drawbles: ten here, and a straggler here

eleven drawbles for the character roulette meme

a comment doodle I did for Te (DCU crack)

Graphorn (HP fanart)

Dresden Files doodle
Santa Claus with dragon
Dragon bookmark doodle
and the not yet revealed [ profile] yuletart art.

Feb. 17th, 2010

art meme, art 2003-2009

I gacked this from [ profile] glockgal, but the original empty template comes from Kamaniki at dA. The time span for chronicling art in this meme fit me well, because I started posting fanart in 2003, so I took it as a sign that I ought to be a memesheep.

a huge image behind the cut, it might be considered NSFW by some strict standards due to kissing and groping going on in some art samples )

Dec. 31st, 2009

2009 art roundup

There wasn't a lot this year, not even if I count all drawbles and icons and such, i.e. I can't even do the meme thing with the squares of one preview picture for every month.

a Numb3rs Don and Charlie ratcreature icon

Nothing. :(

Diricawl (Harry Potter fanart)

a fail! ratcreature icon

Five drawbles: 1-3, 4, 5
Robin (DC fanart)
Nightwing (DC fanart)

an Uhura ratcreature icon
a weird comment doodle for Kass' story Zygote (SGA/Everything You Wanted to Know About Sex* (but were afraid to ask) fusion fanart)
Star Trek Reboot art meme (Star Trek: Reboot fanart)

Nothing. :(

Nothing. :(

Nothing. :(

Nothing. :(

Nothing. :(
(I did work on my Yuletart assignment that month, though I only finished in December with an extension)

Twelve drawbles: 1-6, 7-10, 11-12
and the not yet revealed [ profile] yuletart art.

This is even less than 2008, and it's not like I was prolific then. I suck. :(

Dec. 9th, 2009

drawble offer

I'm in the mood to doodle and haven't offered drawbles in some time, so prompt me in a comment?

As usual, I'll do my best for any fandom I'm familiar with, or random stuff (monsters, steampunk machines, animals...) or I can just pick prompts from your interests. I don't draw porn though, and I'm not good at portrait likeness. Also keep in mind that these are quick doodles, so for a prompt that is a description of some epic scene you've always wanted to see realized in fanart the results aren't going to very satisfying for you (or much fun for me).

If you want to see the quality (or lack thereof) you can expect, look at the drawble tag. I don't make any promises for results or a timely delivery, but the past I've usually managed to draw something for everyone who prompted me for these non-demanding, open drawble offers. So this isn't limited to something like "the first X comments get a drawble" or anything like that, which is impractical with the crossposting in three places anyway. (However considering the broken state of the LJ comment notification right now, I'm more likely to notice your prompt quickly if you comment on DW or IJ. ETA: Except that IJ seems to be down completely just now. *argh*)

Jun. 25th, 2009

art rec

Today I came across the website of this really cool artist, Alex CF, who creates fake specimen display cases with horror and fantasy animals and such, in the style you might find in old museums or cabinets of curiosities. The website describes it as "cryptozoological scientific art". Sometimes it is whole sets, with documents, skeletons, preserved specimens, tools and all sorts of stuff and they come with short stories of a sort explaining the fictional background. I especially liked Cthulhu Specimen Box, The Lycanthropy research of Edward Harrell, Severed “Draco Alatus” Head and Infant stillborn Draco Alatus, Expedition to the Plateau - Lost World Exploration Case and Experiments in extra dimensions; The Cheshire cat, but really you should browse the whole site. (Obviously due to the nature of the art the displays are slightly gory.) I only wish the photos of the works were in a higher resolution, because you can't make out all the awesome detail and read the text in the documents on the site.

May. 1st, 2009

May? already? meep.

My drawing activity this year so far has been largely non-existent. This is depressing me in a somewhat self-reinforcing, vicious cycle. And not even the added pressure of public commitment helped any. (Yeah, I have not forgotten that poll, I just suck.)

However, I have yet to fail a drawble meme. So as I'm obviously not achieving what I want to wrt actual fanart, I'm lowering the target from "produce a drawing" to "produce a doodle". (Kind of like shifting definitions around to get better looking statistics.) And I have decided to offer sketches based on comment prompts. I'll do my best for any fandom I'm familiar with, or random stuff (monsters, steampunk machines, animals...) or I can just pick prompts from your interests. I don't draw porn though, and I'm not good at portrait likeness.

Considering that I now crosspost to three places, it isn't really workable to promise things like "the first X prompts will get a drawble", so just comment with something, and I'll try my best. (In the past I've usually managed to draw something for everyone who prompted me for these non-demanding, open drawble offers, but with the way my creativity and motivation seems to have shriveled and died recently, who knows.)

If you want to see the quality (or lack thereof) you can expect, look at the drawble tag.

Also, I currently have five Dreamwidth invites in case anyone should still want one. (My flist was rather flooded with offers, so I'm not sure whether there's even still demand for them.) Anyway, if you want an invite you can comment, and I'll give those I have to the first five people in order of the comment notifications I get. I'll edit this post if/when I got five requests.

BTW, of course you can ask for both an invite and a sketch or one or the other, the two are not connected, I just didn't want to make separate posts.

P.S.: Why is the Dreamwidth spell check broken? Does anyone else get a "Spell checker not set up properly." response when they click the spell check button?

Jan. 14th, 2009


As stupid as some of the motifs chosen are (often still somewhat funny though), I find the underlying hoax that Czech artist played hilarious. I think that definitely makes it count as performance art that works, and makes a statement about the EU. Far better than if it had taken itself seriously and really been some kind of pompous assembly of 27 artists from different countries, rather than invented personae.
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Dec. 31st, 2008

2008 art roundup

a dragon (original fantasy art)
Iskierka's hatching (Temeraire fanart)
illustration for Beth's In From the Cold (Snape/Shacklebolt, HP fanart)
a Sarah Connor ratcreature icon
illustration for Trinityofone's Dæmonology (SGA/His Dark Materials fanart)
Junkie!Roy (DCU fanart)
Sheppard & Steampunk!Puddlejumper (SGA fanart, done for the paintedspires fest)
Bowtruckle (HP fanart)
Teyla as Waterbender (SGA/Avatar: The Last Airbender fanart, done for the paintedspires fest)
Nothing. :(
Nothing. :(
Nothing. :(
a tentacle rape and a steampunk ratcreature icon
various drawbles based on prompts, some fannish, some not
a Linus ratcreature icon
John Sheppard Halloween '75 (SGA fanart, done for the paintedspires Halloween challenge)
Matthew sketch (DCU fanart)
Red Cap (HP fanart)
some doodles (an US election themed doodle, a werewolf, a dinosaur with a raygun, a baby cthulhu, a monster, a vengeful teddy bear)
a Minbari ratcreature icon and a nitpicking ratcreature icon
some sketches based on prompts (Travolta!furry, steampunk!Batmobile, dragons, Sheppard, 'cheese eats mouse')
Merlin and Arthur ratcreature icons
Christmas doodle (SGA/Merlin/Numb3rs fanart)
and finally the not yet revealed Yuletart art.

There was a sad lack of any art production for several months in summer, however overall I posted more fanart than in 2007, especially when just counting the fully fledged art. Also I started using acrylic paint to color, and found it much easier (and more error tolerant) than my sad attempts to use watercolors ages ago. And while messy and somewhat time intensive, I think my attempts with that look better than my digital coloring.

I tried doing this meme where you list your favorite work, your most surprising work and so on, but I couldn't come up with any answers for half the things, so I gave up.

Sep. 7th, 2008

three more drawbles

'Guinea Pigs and Rats having a "I am cuter than you" contest' for droolfangrrl )
Ironman rescuing a kitten from a tree for marinarusalka )
a space-dragon for brownbetty )

Sep. 6th, 2008

some finished drawbles

Here's the drawbles I did yesterday evening:

coffee + evil overlords for iamza )
rat cuddles for astridv )
dragons + necromancer for flykat )
Pirate!Snape for penknife )
SPN + sleeping + travel for sealie )

BTW, the previous drawble post is still open for requests.

Sep. 5th, 2008

just like a slot machine (only for free)

I've noticed that I haven't offered drawbles in a long time, so:

Comment to prompt me, and you'll get a quick drawing in return. If you don't like to prompt but have interests listed, I can base the drawble on those (actually that works quite well if you have a couple, better than detailed prompts, but I know many, myself included, don't list LJ interests anymore).

Don't expect to get great quality art, it'll just be a quick doodle (you can see the kind of drawings you'll get under my drawble tag on LJ), and keep in mind that I have real trouble with character likeness in live action fandoms, so if you prompt me to draw characters from those, you are quite likely to get something that follows the strategy of the elephant drawing from The Little Prince, not a gorgeous (or even a quick but recognizable) character portrait. *G*

If you choose a prompt rather than pointing me to your interests, just keep in mind that the prompt is supposed to be something that works for a doodle, not the thing you've always wanted to see realized in real fanart.

Jun. 6th, 2008


I don't often link to random stuff I've come across, but this dragon sand sculpture is very impressive. Here's a photo from another angle where you can see the baby dragon the big one is cradling.
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Mar. 16th, 2008

Peanuts/Watchmen fusion rec

Not fanfic, but art: Charles Schulz's Watchmen by Evan Shaner. Go look, it's great.

Mar. 10th, 2008

I'm curious how you organize your reference stuff

Though I don't draw professionally or even all that often, I still have a habit of collecting interesting visual things for reference or inspiration. Even with libraries and these days internet image searches it is not easy to find the exact kind of interesting picture you need when you need it, or sometimes you don't even know what exactly it would be you need to realize some vague idea. Or at least it is like that for me, so if I come across something that is visually stunning, unusual, interesting, seems like a good inspiration, or a possible reference for something I might draw some day I keep it.

Like, if I'm at a used book store, I habitually look if there's a bin of old cheap National Geographic or other travel magazines and leaf through them to see whether any have cool photographs, if I see an interesting picture on the internet I will safe it, and so on.

Obviously after a time this results in an organizational problem if you ever want to find anything again. So I'm wondering how others deal with this.

It's not so bad with the books, I just have a shelf with books I got for their pictures, like for example collections of photographs from the 1920s, 30s and so on, books of animals, places, people, cars, design... It's harder for the magazines because things like National Geographic aren't topic specific, so I never know whether I decided to keep some issue for pictures of some place or some animal, or even whether it was in the title article. Which makes finding things again a bit harder.

Digital stuff is the least problematic in some respects, because I have created a bunch of folders labeled by topic for photos (reference for buildings & cityscapes, landscapes, actions, clothing, animals, plants, objects, symbols, textures,... with some having subfolders) and some other folders for art by other people, and yet another set of folders for fandom character reference, so it's not hard to find which folders to browse. The main problem is that I don't always know where I got some image from, because it's so much easier to just save a picture than to save it and add something to its meta-info field. That isn't a big problem if I just use it as inspiration or reference some parts of it, but if say a landscape photo was to serve as main reference for a drawn background I might want to acknowledge that, yet often by the time I use something I have no idea where it came from anymore.

Photos I've taken myself before having a digital camera are more of a mess, because those are mostly in big boxes, and most are kind of boring holiday photos with some cool landscapes and animals scattered inbetween. But the worst are the boxes of, well I guess "junk" fits, i.e. stuff I've kept for because it seemed like a good idea at the time. Much of that is also paper, like exhibition catalogs, flyers that looked interesting, clippings from newspapers or magazines, posters, but there's also stuff like feathers with a nice pattern, stones, tins, even some bit of metal that rusted in an interesting way, and so on. I mean, I try to keep the non-paper junk down to one box or so, because I really don't need to go down the road of people who end up smothered by their packrat piles collapsing on them, but well, I'm not a very tidy person to begin with, so it's an uphill battle. I guess what I really need would be tagging for RL objects and/or a physical search engine, but I fear that level of virtual home and computer merging is still a way off into the future.

So, how do you deal with organizing your reference and inspirational collection so that is actually useful for you rather than a pile of messy clutter? Do you have some kind of system? Or just really good spatial memory?

Mar. 8th, 2008

I watched the SGA season finale

spoilers for SGA 4x20 )

Totally unrelated to SGA I learned a new piece of trivia today: I've always been vaguely puzzled by the color name "ivory black" because it seemed contradictory (ivory not being black and all). Then today I happened to look at the label on the back of a tube of acrylic ivory black, one that went into all kinds of technical detail that I have no idea what it means (it has some kind of numbers for hue, value, chroma and codes for the pigments and symbols for opaqueness and lightfastness and so on) but also had a list of ingredients and apparently that black is made from charred animal bones. Hence the name "ivory black".

And I get that historically, though I'd have thought that by now the color would be synthetic. I mean, it's not they are still grinding up lapis lazuli for ultramarine (well, I guess there might be people who are into restoration and such and make their colors themselves from scratch with pigments or specialty producers who still do that, but usually it's synthetic these days). So it's kind of gross that they still use animal bones, but that what the tube says in its ingredient list under the "vehicle: acrylic polymer emulsion" there's "pigment: amorphous carbon produced by charring animal bones". So I'm using the same pigment as my prehistoric ancestors, I guess, only in a prepared polymer solution rather than charring some hunted mammoth's bone myself. Still in my mind "gross" kind of wins out over "artistic connection across millennia of history".

Feb. 21st, 2008

fanart process post: Snape/Shacklebolt illustration, step-by-step

I'm not sure whether there's even any interest, because the painting itself got less comments than usual for my fanart posts, so I guess there will be ever fewer interested in the unfinished inbetween stages. But I already made the photographs after all, so I decided to go ahead with the art process post.

very image heavy )

Feb. 8th, 2008

fanart process post: Iskierka's hatching, step-by-step

Because some people find the production process interesting, I decided to do a sort of "making of" post. If you'd just like to see the finished fanart, go here.

very image heavy )

Jan. 16th, 2008

art, colored dragon

Subject: some random dragon
Media: pencil, fine liner pen with waterproof indian ink, acrylic paint, a bit of color pencil
Rating/warnings: G, none
Notes/comments: lengthy notes on my process, because this is the first time I used acrylics to color a drawing and felt rambly, feel free to skip if you just want to look at the picture. )

Preview: preview of a dragon drawing

the finished drawing and a detail of the head in a larger size are behind the cut )

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