Sep. 24th, 2011

Animal Man #1

So, I couldn't resist giving the new Animal Man series a chance, because I love the character, and the story may have potential, or at least the opening doesn't seem worse than average, but yikes, that art is seriously bad. (I preordered just based on series title, if I had seen page samples I might not have spent money on this.)

It completely lacks details and textures in the background that would create atmosphere, or even just normal looking rooms and environments. Seriously, it's like empty squares, boxes and tiles, and the artist couldn't be bothered to put in any effort, but not in a deliberate minimalist way, but just because they couldn't think to put something else on a nightstand besides a square clock, or give texture to a windowsill that would make a square look like an actual window and so on. (ETA: I don't necessarily expect excessive detail rendering, considering that there time/effort constraints on a comic production schedule, but there are ways to make panels *look* decent and alive through blacks and dynamic lines and hinting at detail and texture, just look at for example Ditko's art in old Spider-Man comics.)

Then the layout is atrocious with panels being given odd shapes for no good reason, same for some perspective choices. And the artist can't really draw humans well either. All their hair just looks odd, and okay, hair is difficult, but they get paid for this after all. Then there are sometimes odd scribbles on the faces, like in one scene taking place at a hospital I thought Animal Man contracted a weird infectious disease and those were skin sores, but he didn't. I have no idea what that texture on his face was supposed to be.

I honestly have trouble believing that they paid someone for this.

Jun. 13th, 2011

that upcoming DCU reboot...

On the bright side, I'm happy that there is going to be a new Animal Man series. I'll probably give that a try. I also might check out Morrison's Action Comics, because I enjoyed his All-Star Superman.

I haven't really kept up with the recent developments in the Batverse, and the September solicitations don't really entice me to get back to it. For some of these setups I just don't have nearly enough trust in the DC writers, for example that Batwing series by Winick is a disaster waiting to happen, IMHO. I mean, as bad as it is to have whole continents ignored except for occasional fantasy country escapades, it's even less likely to turn out well when they put one Bat character on covering all of Africa, with a headquarter in the Democratic Republic of Congo with excursions into RL issues. I mean, it seems like jumping in at the deep end when it comes to diversifying their universe, mixed with some tokenism.

Perhaps I give Nightwing series a try for old time's sake, because that was really the first DC comic I bought regularly and Dick is still one of my favorite characters. Though I'm slightly disgruntled that they made the new costume black/red instead of black/blue. I guess it could have been worse, looking as what they did to Tim. Seriously, those feathers on Tim's costume have to be the most ridiculous I've seen since Dick's disco era costume.

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