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Dear Fic Corner Scribbler,

I made my character requests based on the fact that the exchange is set up to match ANY, not ALL to increase odds of matching--i.e. I requested all the characters I nominated, because I'd be interested in seeing any combination of them in a fic. Sometimes a couple of characters are associated with one possible prompt, while the others are associated with a different one. I don't expect, and the rules don't require, you to include all of them in the same fic (although of course you are free to do so).

That said, I like female characters being awesome (which can take many different forms!) and having agency; I like femslash and female friendship; I like fluff and darkfic and pretty much everything in between. I like gen and porn with plot and pretty much everything in between. I like polyamory where the women outnumber the men. I'm fine with character death, BDSM, mpreg, chan, noncon, dubcon, incest, and cross-gen. I don't mind experimental uses of tense, POV, or story structure or formatting. I have few squicks and no triggers. Feel free to twist or subvert the canons without worrying you'll be ruining my childhood. I promise you, you won't be.

The Squad - Jennifer Lynn Barnes

I was pimped into this fandom by </a></b></a>[info]fox1013 and you can read my original squeeful reactions to the first book here. I ILL'd the books at first but now own both of the audiobooks narrated by Amanda Ronconi.

I love all the characters I nominated (and most of the ones I didn't) and any chance to spend some time with them would be great. Femslash would be great, especially Toby/Chloe, Toby/Tara, or Brittany/Tiffany, because let's face it, part of the appeal (at least for me) is all of the homoerotic overtones between the cheerleader spies. I'm also interested in het involving Noah, either Noah/Lucy or Noah/Brittany/Tiffany, especially from Toby's POV (although from the POV of one of the other squad members would be interesting, too).

Maybe Toby could have Tara over for dinner, only to find out that Noah has also invited Lucy? I'd love to see the Klein parents get involved too.

If you want to do something more plotty or action-adventurey, that's fine too, as long as there's still a large character-driven element, even if it's not romantic in nature.

The only thing I'm really not interested in is het involving Toby or anything involving Jack Peyton.

Die unendliche Geschichte | The Neverending Story - Michael Ende

I half a bunch of half-formed ideas which could potentially serve as prompts. I'd be thrilled if you took none, one, or more than one of these ideas and ran with them.

I'm interested in the theodicy of Phantásien/Fantasia/Fantastica. What does the Empress think of Xayide and her battle? How do these two interact with each other when they meet? Femslash, whether hatesex or something with more complicated power dynamics, would be awesome here, but so would thoughtful gen.

I'm also interested in Bastian after his return to reality. We know that Gmork has the ability to pass between worlds; what if he was recreated when the rest of Phantásien was, and encounters Bastian in the real world? Would he try to destroy Phantásien working from the real world this time, perhaps by destroying The Neverending Story itself? (Is there more than one copy of The Neverending Story in existence? If so, does Gmork know this? Does Bastian? Does Koreander/Coreander?)

The Ende novel was published in 1979, which would make Bastian about 50 today. What would Bastian (and/or Koreander, if he is still alive) think of a world of smart phones and e-books and AO3 and Netflix? Does Koreander's Old Books still exist, perhaps run by Bastian? Is it struggling to stay afloat? How do they respond to the teens of today, or even older Millennials?

I'm also interested in Bastian's friend Christa, to whom he would tell stories before she left for boarding school. What happens when they meet again after his return from Phantásien? Does he tell her about it? How does she respond? Do they enter into a romantic relationship when they get older? (Alternately, I could see her daughter potentially acting as a viewpoint character if you choose to go with the "50-year-old Bastian in 2017" prompt.)

Gallagher Girls Series - Ally Carter

Either Cameron/Josh, or else any femslash pairing involving the core four girls. Please no Cameron/Zach, and I don't really care about Abby/Edward (although I don't object to it).

If you want to go the het route, what if Cameron and Amirah ran into Josh after they escape from the Academy in the final book, and they had to rely on him helping them to hide from the Circle?

As for femslash, any romance in which two or more of the girls get together would be great. Or else go established relationship in which Presidential candidate James McHenry finds out that his daughter's girlfriend is actually there to give him his CIA briefing. (Liz would probably make the most sense, since she's the analyst, but feel free to play with the concept to make it work for you.)

Escape to Witch Mountain - Alexander Key

Tia and Tony, either as a twincest pairing or as a deeply cathective platonic sibling relationship. Any point during (or before or after) canon, or diverging from canon, is fine. [Dreamwidth] This entry was originally posted at http://alixtii.dreamwidth.org/359839.html. There are currently comment count unavailable comments there. You can comment there, using Open ID, or here.

Jun. 24th, 2017

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[x] Witchlips: Lost and Found - Chapter 1 [Mature][Chan]
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[x] alisanne: Building the Future - Part 16 of the Wisdom Series [R]

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[x] Pekeleke: The Loveliest Night [G]

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[x] seraphinavictus: Before Bed [NC-17]

[x] snape100: Has posted challenge # 582 - Opportunity

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SS/HP Prophet for June 10 - June 17

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[x] Lizzy0305: The Mystery of Suitor No. 5 - Chapters: 9/9 [Explicit]

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